Essential things to do before Lasik eye surgery

Some things must be at the back of your mind before Lasik eye surgery. You might be curious to know if there are things you need to know or do before going through this surgery. Of course, all items must work together to achieve the healing process. What you’ll be seeing here might be the same thing you hear from your eye doctor.

If you want to have a successful Lasik eye surgery, there are some things you need to do. Failure to do some things might lead to error. What do I mean? Complications like bleeding, swelling, inflammation, retinal detachment, and other eye problems can occur when you neglect the aspect of playing your role. Therefore, I implore you to pay attention and go toward the best laser eye surgery. This message might go a long way. But before we proceed, let us briefly talk about Lasik eye surgery.

Essential things to do before Lasik eye surgery

What is Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik surgery uses a laser to resolve, reshape, and correct the cornea of the eye whenever there’s a vision problem. So, what happens doing Lasik surgery? There’s a thin cornea flap in the upper layers of the cornea. The flap is lifted. The work of a laser is to reshape the corneal tissue underneath. The essence of doing this is to ensure that light focuses better on the retina. So, when the process is carried out carefully, the corneal flap is restored to its original state. This excellent process remains one of the most used strategies for correcting vision problems. However, one must not forget that this process requires specialized knowledge in its operation. This implies that a competent Lasik eye Surgeon must be the one to handle your eye if you want to tell a positive story about how this process restores your vision.

Essential things to do before Lasik eye surgery?

  1. Tell your doctor your medical history: Informing your doctor about your medical history will help you. It will go a long way if your eye doctor is familiar with everything about your eye health. This is not the time to lie or hid things from your doctor. The essence of asking you some questions is to enhance perfect healing. Honestly, I used to think about the reason behind hiding one’s medical history from the doctor. It can affect you if you do so. Therefore, if you’ve been doing so or just planning to do it, I want to tell you that it won’t help the process. One of the reasons people tend to hide some things about their medical history is that they are afraid of being nailed. Some might have gone through self-medications, which is wrong. So, please tell him everything he needs to know, right there in front of your eye doctor. 
  1. Take more water before the surgery: It is expedient for you to know that taking or drinking more water will help the healing process. A body made up to sixty percent of water. Water is crucial in the functioning of cells, organs, and tissue. One of the things water will do is keep you hydrated. It will also flush waste and contribute massively to the healing process. There’s a tendency to develop dry eyes after Lasik eye surgery. So, it is essential to hydrate from within to the outer part of the body. An experienced surgeon will tell you to do this. Drinking water before surgery is necessary. Let me chip in this that one might get it wrong if one wants to replace water with alcoholic drinks. Water is what we are talking about here.
  1. Avoid drinking caffeine before Lasik surgery: Before this time of surgery, your body must feel relaxed. So, once there’s caffeine in your body, you can’t feel comfortable. One thing about caffeine is that it is dehydrated. Therefore, with that said, taking caffeine before this surgery can make one jittery. 
Essential things to do before Lasik eye surgery
  1. Avoid taking alcohol: No one should deceive you by saying, “it doesn’t matter.” Honestly, it matters a lot. The records of complications that we’ve seen today resulted from this minor instruction. If you are addicted to alcohol and about to have Lasik eye surgery, I think you need to look for a way to stop it. If you don’t prevent it, complications that may lead to something disastrous might occur. 
  1. Avoid wearing contacts before Lasik eye surgery: Undergoing Lasik surgery can be challenging, particularly for contact lens wearers. So this implies that one needs to stay away from using contact lenses before the surgery. If you are using the soft lens, you need to stop using it at least five days before the surgery. But for, those that wear thick lenses are to avoid using contact lenses for two weeks before the Lasik eye surgery. Staying away from contact lenses will help your cornea return to its natural position or shape. One thing about contact lenses is that they harbor bacteria at times. It doesn’t matter how you protect or take care of a contact lens; it would harbor bacteria. And this is unsafe for someone about to undergo Lasik eye surgery. Click here to get about potential side effects of lasik procedure.
  1. Be mentally prepared: Your mind must be stable. And there’s a way you can feed yourself or prepare your whole body before the procedure. Before Lasik, you will be given a sedative medication off the edge. So, during the process, you will stay awake. With that said, one needs to stay strong and stay healthy mentally. Don’t get nervous about staying awake. Therefore, you must remain strong and ensure that you are mentally ready to undergo the process.

Closing thought

Hopefully, you’ve gotten something profound, instructive, and educative. The essence of this write-up is to explain in detail those things you need to know before Lasik eye surgery. This article consists of the meaning of Lasik surgery, and I wrap it up with an influential segment: things you need to know before entering the theatre room for Lasik eye surgery. Finally, kindly drop your question regarding this topic in the comment box.